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Stress Relievers - Stress Relief Products

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Fight Stress With Effective Stress Relief Products

Stress is a major part of many people's lives today and we need to learn to combat it. Manufacturers have not been slow to capitalise on this epidemic and, as a result, there is a wide range of stress relief products which are available to help us deal with our symptoms. However, which of these stress relievers are the best to help fight stress? Some of those that have been tried and tested over time are listed below to help you decide what is best for you.

Stress is not all bad news - some stress is essential for self-protection and as a motivator to help us achieve our goals. The problems happen when stress gets out of control and takes over the mind. A stressed person generally perceives that they cannot cope with all the demands being made on them by family, work and society. It is little wonder that this happens in a world where nothing ever seems to be enough - we are always trying to get more and achieve more in less time.

Stress is now commonplace in everyday life and so are stress relief products. Look around any office and you will see various stress relievers - toys and gadgets that are designed to allow you to unleash your anger and frustration by squeezing, hitting or throwing. And that is not all. There is such a wide variety of stress relief products available, that you would probably be amazed. From specially produced relaxation music and meditation tracks, vitamins and supplements, exercise and meditation equipment, to toys and games, scented pillows and massage products.

If you are fighting a battle with stress, you may well find that some of these products can act as stress relievers. However, it is important to remember that some of these are little more than gimmicks, more of novelty value than effective in relieving symptoms of stress. On the other hand, there are products which have been helped many people to fight stress. Some of the most effective of these are listed below.

Anti-Stress Vitamins and Supplements

Often, people who are suffering from symptoms of stress neglect to pay adequate attention to their diet and health. They may miss meals or fill up on comfort foods. This leads to inadequate nutrition, which puts a further strain on the body and creates more stress. During stressful periods it is important to look after yourself, as the body may already be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins, A and C and magnesium. Supplements can therefore provide useful insurance against these deficiencies. They are widely available in specific combinations for stress, although they are no substitute for a healthy diet. Avoiding alcohol and other depressants (which also deplete vitamin levels) can also help your body feel more in balance and help you to fight stress.
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Self-Hypnosis Programs and Guided Meditations

Effective stress relievers include self-hypnosis and guided meditation programs. These may consist of positive self-talk to lift you up or soothing visualisations which take you to a faraway place to experience tranquillity and calm. Subliminal messages may help to reprogram your mind and binaural tones will help to induce more positive, relaxed states in your brain or even help you to focus so that you can achieve more in less time. These tracks are often coupled with soothing, relaxing music to help you to chill out and you will generally be guided through the relaxation process. Meditation is definitely the best long-term cure for stress as it works to control the mind. This is where stress originates when we think that we can't cope. These programs are a quick and easy way to reap the benefits of traditional meditation.
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Music for Stress Relief and Relaxation

You may already be well aware that music affects your moods and how you feel. It can rouse and excite you or depress and annoy you depending upon your frame of mind and your personal tastes. Music is proven to affect your brainwaves and thus your state of mind. It also affects your body and can have positive effects on heart rate, blood pressure, state of relaxation and immunity. Slow classical music is probably the best music to help relieve stress. However if that doesn't suit you, choose the type that does make you feel good. Many albums are now available specifically for stress relief and you can download these to your iPod or other portable device and perhaps even play them in the background at work or wherever you feel stressed. In fact, you can now carry your own little stress relief toolbox with you in this format. (Note, do not use self-hypnosis/meditation tracks or devices requiring the use of headphones whilst driving or doing any other activity which requires a high level of concentration.)
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Aromatherapy Stress Relief Products

In aromatherapy, essential oils which are extracted from aromatic plants are used to influence your mood and improve your health. You may already have noticed that aromas can have a pronounced effect on your mood, bringing back memories of days gone by as you smell a perfume that you used to use when you were younger, or newly mown grass, or the smell of the countryside.

Aromatherapy can help relieve stress and induce relaxation as well as having other health benefits, and can be used during massage or by inhalation in the form of oil burners, candles and incense. Some products can be ingested, for example in the form of a herbal tea - Camomile tea is a good example of an effective stress reducer. As well as Camomile, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang are the most recommended aromas for fighting stress. There are many products which incorporate these aromas which you may find helpful in reducing stress. Among these are included bath and massage oils, creams and lotions, scented pillows, room scents as well those mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

As I mentioned earlier, stress originates in the mind when we perceive that we can't cope and this leads to symptoms in the body as we become tense and agitated. Stress relievers can help reduce and fight stress. However, it is much better to deal with stress early on rather than let it become a bad habit. So, whilst these stress relief products may help deal with your symptoms, changing your (habits of) mind - the way you think - is much more important if you want to eliminate stress permanently. Meditation is simply the best way to take control of your mind and your life and find peace, happiness and balance. And the wonderful thing is that it is available to you now, right this moment, completely free of charge. Find out how to meditate now and start immediately to change your life for the better.

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