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NOW is The Only Time You Will Ever Reduce Stress

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Busy, Busy, Busy...

As human beings in today's world, there is so much going on and so many things to distract us and take up our time. We are conditioned into doing more and more and fitting more and more into our lives - working harder, family, friends, kids' activities, exercise, television, clubs and societies. The list is endless. No wonder we are all stressed to burn-out point. There's one thing that you absolutely must understand if you want to reduce your stress levels - that the only moment is now. Confused? Then let me explain.

Most of us have so much to do that we can't do it all well. We are spread so thinly across the many and varied areas of our lives. Because of this we rarely experience the present moment - we are just trying to get to the end of this thing so that we can get on with the next item on our agenda. We are always trying to get to another point in time. When we are living for a future moment then we are not living in the present.

Destination Autopilot

How many times have you got in your car, then found yourself at your destination and asked yourself how you got there because you don't actually remember the drive? You drove on autopilot while you were far away in your own little world of thoughts. Once again you weren't living in the present moment. Thoughts are rarely of the present - they are almost always of the past and future.

Stress is Thoughts

Thoughts are the cause of all stress. If you are constantly living in the past or trying to get to a point in the future, then you are not experiencing the present moment. Most of us find it hard to live for today when we have more on our To Do Lists that we have hours in the day to complete tasks. But guess what, the only moment you have is now!

The Time is Now

Life is a series of moments but each one of them is now. The past is gone but when that moment happened, it was now. The future has not yet occurred but when it does it will happen as the present moment. Now is all we have and living in the past or future is pointless.

Slow Down, Enjoy the Journey

Life is a journey, not a destination so start enjoying the ride. It is a journey of now moments. If you are not present in the moment then you are missing out on all that now has to offer. You will only start to enjoy life when you start to enjoy now - right now. How to do that? Eckhart Tolle recommends feeling the inner presence of your body, or using all your senses to see, hear, feel and smell what is going on now. You can practise being fully present whilst doing menial tasks such as washing the dishes or sweeping the floor. Of course, you could also try meditation.

The Power of Now

If you are suffering from stress then whatever is manifesting as your stress is the result of one problem - not accepting the present moment for what it is. Become conscious of now and be present in the moment. Live for today, not tomorrow or some point in the future. Reduce your stress by practising being conscious. Experience the beauty of the present moment, stay young and access your inner joy. That is the power of now.

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