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Stress Advice - Coping Strategies for Stress - Meditation to Relieve Stress

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Meditation is the Best Way to Fight Stress!

If you are looking for stress cures or coping strategies for stress, then you have come to the right place. Put simply, meditation is the best way to fight stress and improve your life immeasurably. When life is getting you down; you feel tense or anxious; or you feel overwhelmed with all the demands of your job, family or career, then perhaps it's time to slow down and relax. Meditation is the best mechanism for coping with and curing stress, and keeping it at bay permanently. Whilst there are many strategies to help relax mind and body, there is none better than meditation for relieving and reducing stress, relaxing your mind and helping you to feel peaceful and wonderfully energised.

When you introduce regular meditation into your life, you start to clear away the tension that has been collecting in your body and mind. The extra clarity which you gain helps you to experience life on a different level. Stress and tension are naturally reduced. Your relationships and friendships start to improve, as well as your state of health and feeling of well-being. You become a person who is more positive and understanding, and better able to cope with the problems that life throws at you. You start to feel at home in your body and more content in your mind.

Meditation is about letting go of the clutter of continuous negative thoughts which clogs up our minds and becoming aware of our real nature beneath the surface which is peace and love. Unfortunately, most of us are not even aware of the amount of mental activity (usually negative) which chatters away in the background, telling us what isn't right and why we aren't good enough.

Meditation is about bringing yourself into full awareness of the present moment whilst quieting the mental chatter. This mental chatter - the voice in our heads that acts as our inner critic - is what causes most of our stress. When you meditate, you experience clarity of mind (our real nature). Whenever we drop this chatter and experience the deeper meaning in life, we have achieved a state of meditation. This may come about through a profound experience such as the breath-taking beauty of nature; although this is rare for most people as our thoughts rampage through our minds in a continuous and destructive manner. When you quiet the mind, you naturally reduce stress and induce peace and calm.

When you take the time to fully immerse body and mind in a state of meditation, you can get past the superficial conscious mind to the experience of inner being and peace. You start to feel the tranquillity and oneness which underlies your being; you make a connection with the universe and your higher being. And you can remove the layers of stress from your body and mind as you escape from your busyness and worldly activities into the realm of the spiritual peace and calm, even for just a few minutes a day. Reveal the wonders of your inner self with regular meditation. Fight stress with peace and tranquillity. Meditation really is the best stress cure and coping strategy for stress.

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