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Stress Cures - How to Fight Stress - Meditation to Relieve Stress

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How Does Meditation Work to Fight Stress?

Want to know how to fight stress? Meditation is absolutely the best way to cure stress and develop a calm relaxed mind. You can read more about why meditation is the best way to cure and relieve stress here or read on to find out how meditation works to fight stress.

Regular meditation has been proven to reduce stress. It works on a physical level by lowering the amount of activity in your brain. The less mental activity is taking place, the lower the frequency of your brainwaves. When the brainwaves slow down, the brain releases more good chemicals into the blood stream. These include beneficial neurotransmitters (these are cells that transmit nerve signals) and endorphins (which are a type of neurotransmitter affecting our ability to deal with pain and giving us a natural "high"). And these chemicals serve to make us feel good.

During our waking state, our brainwaves are normally operating at beta levels (i.e. alert) but then as we start to relax, they slow from alpha (relaxed and calm), through theta (state of meditation) to delta (state of deep, dreamless sleep).

Generally, meditation will put our brains into the theta state, so that they will release lots of the good chemicals mentioned earlier. Serotonin is another chemical that will be released - this is known to regulate our mood and make us feel happier. These beneficial chemicals help to calm our stress and induce in us that feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Meditation works to reduce stress because it helps to restore your body to a balanced state. The mind loses that tightness associated with tension and negativity and becomes clear, spacious and focussed. In this relaxed state of mind, the body is much more able to repair itself and so you achieve a combination of healthy body and healthy mind.

When you repeat this experience on a regular basis, your balance is restored as changes in your thinking patterns and brainwaves activity start to create new positive habits which you can maintain much more easily.

It is therefore important to incorporate a regular daily meditation routine into your day if you want to start to cure stress and experience these benefits of both body and mind. Fortunately, you don't have to meditate for hours at a time - even 5 minutes a day is enough to help you start to see the benefits.

Now there is an easy way to incorporate meditation into your life with the minimum of effort and time. You can train your brain to produce these new brainwaves patterns by using brainwaves entrainment programs. These meditation tracks use binaural beat meditation to train your brain into the states we mentioned above. So, just by listening to the tones in the background of these amazing audio tracks, you can start to achieve a meditative state easily and effortlessly.
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The advantages of meditation are extensive and well documented. If you've never done any meditation before then why not? Try it and prove the benefits for yourself. Relieve your stress and relax your mind. If you have tried meditation before but had difficulty in achieving a relaxed state of mind why not try a binaural meditation. There are 2 offered below.

Advanced Meditation Audio

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