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Rid Yourself of Stress and Anxiety

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What is Stress?

Meaning of Stress/Definition of Stress

How do you define stress? Stress can generally be considered to be the body's reaction to any perception of a threat or danger. It is very subjective i.e. it depends very much upon the person having the experience so there is no definition of stress that is agreed absolutely. Originated for the purpose of protecting us against wild animals and the like, the body prepares for "fight or flight" by shutting down certain functions and becoming fully prepared to engage in others (e.g. running, fleeing) as a means of survival. To aid these processes chemicals (stress hormones) are secreted in the body.

Stress can be caused by any event that causes excitement, fear, anxiety, anger and other similar (usually negative) feelings. In general today, however, there may be no actual threat at all - you have only to think of fearful events and a stressful reaction may be invoked. This shows that stress originates in the mind. Stress hormones are still produced, however, and where no physical activity follows these can remain in the body for longer and can cause harm. When the body is regularly subjected to high levels of stress over a period of time, symptoms of stress become a habit of both body and mind.

What Causes Stress?

Modern life is often busy and hectic. A certain amount of stress is therefore a fact of life for most people and some stress is considered to be good for us, as it stops procrastination and helps us to get things done. It becomes a problem, however, when we start to feel that we cannot cope with the pressures placed upon us and this is what causes stress.

Too many things to do and too little time to do them means that we often feel overwhelmed with tasks when really we just want to relax and do our own thing. In this day and age, it seems as if we are expected to be all things to all people. More and more seems to be expected of us in the workplace, as well as in the home. However much we achieve, it never seems to be enough. We always want more or feel that more is demanded of us. We have so many things to think about at once that our cluttered minds leave us feeling stressed and tense. It is no wonder that so many people suffer from stress.

As we continually strive to achieve more and more, the pressure builds in our bodies and minds. As a consequence, our health begins to deteriorate. Stress related problems and illnesses are becoming more and more prevalent in our society today. If we don't take the time to deal with our stress related issues they will manifest in physical and mental problems which eventually will force us to stop our continual activity.

When we allow stressful situations to continue to overwhelm us, this not only floods our body with harmful chemicals but also affects our relationships and our quality of life. We stop appreciating the good things and our mind can easily become a breeding ground for negativity and misery. We need to achieve some kind of balance in order to cope with all the demands placed upon us. We need to find time to relax and recuperate and ways to control our stress levels before stress takes control of us.

Find Coping Strategies for Stress

The good news is, that it is not stress itself that is the problem but our perception of the events that we feel are causing the stress. And this perception is the product of our minds. We can change the way that we look at our lives and the stress that we are feeling. We can deal with our problems when we start to look at them in a different light. You can find coping strategies for stress with the information that I give you on these pages. And you can take control of your life and your minds and feel relaxed, happy, joyous and peaceful.
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