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Power of Thought
How to Change the World

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Can I Change the World? Here's the Only Way!

Are you lamenting the demise of our planet, corporate greed, rising taxes, decreasing levels of respect and tolerance, or the poor state of our global economies? Sometimes we can feel helpless in the face of all this change, much of which appears to be for the worse. If you want to change the world, the only way to do so is to change your mind. Why is this? Because this world, as you see it, is happening in your own mind. It is a result of your thoughts. Many spiritual sources back this up including Buddhism and A Course in Miracles. Only power of thought can change the world. Read on with an open mind to find out why.

Mind As Creator

Your mind really is the creator of your universe, as many spiritual teachings will tell you. According to the book "A Course in Miracles", all thought creates and everything is happening in your mind. You are the dreamer of this dream that is life. This is backed up by other sources. Consider the sayings "As within, so without" and "As you sow (think, act) so shall you reap (experience the effects of your thoughts and actions)". This equates to karma in Buddhism. Everything you perceive is filtered through your thoughts and how you view this world is an effect of your perceptions for you. Of course, this is not the way that many of us experience life and it is only through spiritual growth and contemplation that we can understand this fully.

Your World is an Effect of Your Thoughts

According to the spiritual author John Randolf Price, you cannot change the world because it is merely an effect. Effects cannot be changed; you can only change the cause in order to produce a different effect. He also says that effects have no power except that which we give them and that we should ignore effects and concentrate on the cause. If you want to change your world then you must change how you think about it. This means stop bemoaning how it is now and start thinking about it as you want it to be.

ALL Thought Creates

You cannot afford to ignore your negative thinking. When thoughts are active all the time, they are creating all the time whether you know it or not. A Course in Miracles asserts that there is no such thing as an idle thought and we are far too lax with the thoughts that we allow in our minds. We think our thoughts are private but in actual fact we are all connected by universal consciousness. Whilst many people spend a lot of effort trying to control their behaviour because it is on show to others, they think that they are immune from the effects of their thoughts. This is absolutely not the case. "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction (upon which it is based) state that thoughts and intentions are powerful. If you knew the damage that you could be doing with your thoughts wouldn't you try to change them?

Changing Our Minds

We often feel that we cannot control the thoughts in our minds and that is generally true. This is because we are not always aware of what we are thinking. Many repetitive thoughts pass through our minds each day and if we think the same thought enough times it filters into the storehouse of our subconscious mind. The thoughts which regulate the states of our bodies (including breathing, illness etc.) and our learned reactions (including bad habits such as anger) are normally below our conscious control. It is these we try to change when we want to change our bad habits of mind but we must start off at the level of consciousness.

Positive Thinking

How you think is extremely important, as is keeping your thoughts positive. Mother Theresa said "I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me". This is because what you hold in mind becomes reality. When you focus on war you are supporting war whereas you really want peace so focus on peace instead. To get what you want, focus on what you want.

How the mind interprets the negative was aptly demonstrated by Lester Levenson who said that if you think of "not monkey" you will only see monkey. It is important to remember this. You are as you believe and what you believe you will teach and project.

However, it is not easy to change mental habits from negative to positive. It takes determination and awareness. Susan Jeffers of "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" fame compares learning to think positively to building a healthy body. When you stop going to the gym, you lose the muscle tone that you have built up. You need to keep doing your positive thinking exercises or you will eventually lapse back into your original negative state.

How to Get What You Want

So, to get what you want in life concentrate on what you do want rather than what you don't want. If you want money concentrate on having money not on your lack of money as you perceive it. If you want success, fake it till you make it to get over those fears. If you want world peace, work on your own inner peace. Whatever you want, visualise that you have it now. Feel the reality of it in the present moment. This is merely the law of attraction as well as the law of cause and effect. By the way much of what I say in this article is also backed up by quantum physics which is the science of the realm of possibilities. If you want to learn more about this, try watching this amazing DVD - What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Change Your World to Change the World

So, if you want to change your world you must change your thoughts in order to change the cause of what you are experiencing now. Concentrate on the positives of any situation and meditate to gain spiritual realisations. When you start to change your mind, the outer appearance of your life will start to change for the better. If everyone on the planet did this, we would see a rise in spiritual consciousness which would certainly change the world. If you want to change the world, start with yourself first. Become a teacher by demonstrating what it is that you want to see in this world.

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