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Mind Power - Why Your Mind is
the Creator of Your Life

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Mind - The Creative Force That Shapes Your Reality

Does this life really exist or could your mind just be playing tricks? No, really! Life as we perceive it may not be as it seems. What if this is just a dream on a grander scale? Actually, mind is all powerful. It really is only your mind that creates your reality. If you disagree, you may need to read this article more than once to understand its contents. It may not seem to fit in with your personal experience but if you are looking to understand life, this information is fundamental, although it will only be accepted by the open-minded.

For most of us, our experience of life is that everything exists outside of ourselves. We appear as distinct units of consciousness and we see everything else as a separate entity having inherent existence (i.e. existing from its own side). We believe that things happen to us and that others are responsible for the situations that we find ourselves in.

In fact, this is not the case although it does seem to be our conventional reality. Ultimate reality is something else altogether that is understood by few. You see, nothing can exist without the mind that interprets it. This compares to the question of whether the tree that falls in the rain forest when nobody is around still makes a sound. And how could it because without the ear to hear, no sound can be heard. And without a mind, nothing can be perceived.

So, our minds function to perceive everything around us. Everything you see, hear, touch etc. is an interpretation of mind. It is our minds that give everything we sense the meaning that it has for us. But not only this, they also filter everything through our past experiences. Everything that we have learnt about an object or a situation will be used by the mind to generate our current understanding of the object or the situation when it comes into our thoughts or perception.

To give an example, when we think of a mouse we are combining all our past experiences of mouse. We may have had a pet or seen cartoons on the television or had a cuddly mouse toy when we were a child. We may be thinking about whether we are frightened of mice or whether we find them cute, whether we dislike their tails or whether we feel repulsed because of an infestation we once had in the house. All of these experiences (and many other possibilities) will be intermingling to produce our thoughts around the word mouse.

No thought in the mind is free of this filtering. And therefore no two people have the same experience of mouse or anything else for that matter. Some people love mice, some people hate them and some feel neutral towards them. What is a positive experience for one person can be a negative experience for another. This means that nothing can exist from its own side without the unique perceptions and filters of the mind. The mind really is the creator of our reality.

And this is confirmed over and over. Here are just a few examples. The Buddhists talk of emptiness being the underlying nature of all things. A Course in Miracles says that we do not understand anything that we see because all our thinking is based on past and we are therefore unable to exist in the present moment. The Secret and other interpretations of the Law of Attraction confirm the mind as the creator of our reality. Thought is cause and the material is the effect. Thoughts become things and as you sow (think) so shall you reap (experience).

It may seem difficult to take in at first that the mind is the creator of our reality and it can take a lot of thinking about and meditation on the subject before this begins to fully sink it. But when it does, it can be a source of relief. If thought is cause and what you are experiencing now is effect, then you can change your mind to change your life. You are responsible for what you think and how you act so you can take control. If your mind has been the creator of bad experiences to date, with awareness, it can now become the creator of good experiences. When you are aware, your mind can create an amazing reality.

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