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What is Meditation and How Does It Affect Your Mind?

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What is Meditation?

Meaning of Meditation/Definition of Meditation

What is the meaning of meditation? Meditation is the training of the mind in achieving positive mental states as a matter of habit. When the mind is quiet and we let the continual chatter drop away, we can access our inner selves which are always tranquil and calm beneath the raging ocean of our every day thoughts. When we do this on a regular basis we find that our whole life can change for the better as we take control the negative aspects of our minds and replace our debilitating thinking with peace and calm. Spiritual meditation tends to revolve around the contemplation of religious or spiritual matters and often brings about profound revelations of a spiritual nature to the practitioner.

For the beginner in meditation, the mind is easily distracted. Our minds are normally very repetitive and we often think the same thoughts many times each day. Our thoughts and our reactions to these thoughts are generally outside our control as they are the results of years of bad mental habits which lie in the depths of our subconscious. The more negative we are, the more our reactions are generally outside our control and the more problems we will experience in life.

If we can leave behind our normal negative thought patterns, we can start to achieve greater levels of peace and happiness. When we focus on quieting the voice in our heads that constantly tells us that everything is wrong, we can start to familiarise our mind with positive mental states. The old bad habits begin to be overridden and new positive thought patterns are created which will improve the way we look at everything.

Of course, there is more to meditation than just clearing the mind of repetitive negative thoughts and experiencing the peace that comes in its place. Often an object of meditation is used. This might be the positive quality that we wish to familiarise our mind with e.g. love or compassion. The meditator contemplates this quality and then concentrates on feeling it to familiarise themselves with it. The more the mind is mixed with this quality, the more it experiences this trait by habit.

As the mind is responsible for the way that we view everything in our lives, improving our minds is highly likely to cause improvements in all aspects of our lives. The quality of our mental habits is also known to affect our health. Used regularly, meditation can increase our consciousness and awareness, and make us healthier as well as happier and more peaceful. Now isn't that worth a try?

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