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Meditation Benefits - The Many Wonderful and Healing
Effects of Meditation

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Meditation benefits both body and mind. The effects of meditation are well documented. Meditation has been around for many years, carried out by spiritual and religious practitioners as part of their practices. It has always been prevalent in the East whilst the Western world has been slow to catch on. Many studies have proven meditation benefits us on a psychological and physiological level. It can therefore help with a myriad of different problems.

Regular meditators do not need to be convinced of the benefits of meditation as they start to notice improvements in many of these areas after practising for a while. When you read this list of benefits, if you are not already meditating regularly, I hope that you will be persuaded to give it a go.

The benefits of meditation include:

For most of us, our minds tend to control us as we are unable to contain our negative reactions to the things that happen to us which we do not like throughout the day. These are the results of many years of wrong thinking and bad mental habits. Our out of control emotions, our vented rage, our stuffed anger and resentment not only cause us many problems with other people but also affect our bodily health producing such effects as heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

When you meditate, you start to gain some control over your mind which enables you to see your life in a new light - instead of from a perspective which does not generally serve you. You start to take control of your feelings and emotions.

Your mind is basically the creator of your universe. Everything you perceive in your life is filtered through your mind, which may be in a positive, negative or neutral state, depending upon your conditions at the time. When your mind is generally more positive; when your mind changes for the better; then it is guaranteed... so does your life.

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