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Brain Waves Meditation/Binaural Meditation
Easy Meditation for a Better Life

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Training Your Brain Can Improve Your Life

Brain Waves Meditation / Binaural Meditation / Brain Entrainment is Easy!

Binaural meditation (aka brain waves meditation / brain entrainment) is a wonderfully easy way to improve your life. Did you know that your brainwaves patterns correspond to your moods and feelings and your level of relaxation or state of arousal? This amazing technology can help you to attain a state of meditation easily and effortlessly. All you have to do is listen to sounds which will affect your brainwaves patterns to encourage positive changes in your brain.

Brain Waves Meditation - What Is It?

This revolutionary technology enables you to synchronize your brain waves in order to achieve a desired feeling or state of mind. It works by exposing the listener to binaural beats - these are individual tones which resonate at different frequencies. Using headphones, they are fed separately to each ear - thus binaural.

These tones have been shown to alter the pattern of brain waves in the listener and this has the effect of producing altered states of consciousness. Various brainwave patterns may be reproduced by changing the frequencies of sounds in each ear to produce different effects. So, one program might help you to relax whilst another may stimulate focus and creativity. Many options are available with this powerful technique.

When you listen to these meditations repeatedly, you can quickly reproduce and experience the benefits of traditional types of meditation which previously would have taken years of effort to attain. You can reap enormous benefits as far as reduced stress and heightened mental clarity are concerned. Even your first try can produce good results. If you've never tried binaural meditation before, then what have you got to lose? Try it and see the benefits for yourself.

Brain Waves Meditation Benefits - It Can Help You!

Meditation has long been proven to help and heal many problems, not only psychological but also physical. You mind and your body are inextricably linked and therefore improving the mind will generally improve the condition of health generally. Some of the benefits of meditation are as follows:

Click here to see a more comprehensive list of meditation benefits.

Binaural meditation will help you to achieve these marvellous effects more rapidly than would happen through traditional meditation. You can calm your mind and find a sense of tranquillity in minutes by using this technology. And when you listen on a regular basis you will find that it has positive effects on many aspects of your life and can considerably reduce your stress and anxiety, as well as improving your creativity and productivity. You really can experience some of the benefits listed using this easy technique for meditation regularly. I would definitely encourage you to give it a try.

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How Does Brain Entrainment Work?

You may be interested in the technical stuff behind binaural meditation or perhaps you need more convincing that this stuff works. So how does brain waves meditation work?

Your brainwaves comprise electrical activity which is happening constantly in the brain and corresponds to your level of mental activity at any given time. Brainwaves patterns can be divided in 4 categories relating to their frequency (i.e. waves or oscillations per second, measured in Hertz). The more active you are mentally, the higher the frequency of brainwaves. These then slow down as you approach relaxation and become even slower during sleep/unconsciousness.

The 4 groups correspond with your mental activity in the following manner:

Start to train your brain now. You can learn lots more about brain entrainment here and you can access a free demo of a Holothink's Totally Tranquil Program (which I highly recommend) on the "Free Demo" tab.

Try Brain Waves Meditation For Yourself

If you've been thinking about trying meditation but were worried you wouldn't be able to stay still long enough, here is a chance to try a brain waves meditation free of charge. Try this demo now and experience the benefits for yourself. What have you got to lose?

Meditation Made Easy

It is simply no longer necessary to be a spiritual practitioner in order to achieve deep meditation. Now you can plug in your headphones and listen to a brain entrainment track with the purpose of inducing the right brain waves level for the state of mind you wish to achieve. This really has to be the easiest way to meditate. Why don't you give it a go and see for yourself how much it can help? Try a free demo brain waves meditation.

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