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Brain Entrainment - Binaural Beats Meditation Downloads

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Awesome Technology for Easy Meditation
and Problem Resolution

Brain entrainment is a type of meditation technology. Meditation can be one of the best ways to improve any part of your life because it improves your state of mind. As your mind creates your perspective of how you experience life, improving your mindset will help you to live a better life. Brain entrainment, also known as binaural beats technology, is the easiest way to achieve the experience of meditation and can be used for the resolution of different problems in life. Consider it almost like a workout for your brain.

How Does a Binaural Beats Download Work?

Brain entrainment makes you feel good. This amazing sound technology affects your brainwaves by feeding tones of different frequencies into each ear (thus binaural) through headphones. These tones produce a 3rd effect in the brain - a binaural beat - which is the difference between the 2 frequencies. Although inaudible to our conscious hearing system, this sound can still be perceived by the brain. After listening for a few minutes, your brainwaves begin to attune to the frequency of the binaural beat. The frequency of your brain waves changes according to the tones in the brain entrainment track.

Experts discovered that the frequency of our brainwaves corresponds to the state of our minds. They worked out how to create the tracks to achieve different brainwaves patterns and therefore different effects on the brain. A higher frequency stimulates the brain, whereas a lower frequency will induce relaxation/sleep. You can now find a variety of brain entrainment/binaural meditation tracks to help solve specific problems such as stress relief, boosting creativity, relaxation and sleep aids. You can also attain deep states of meditation which would previously have taken years of meditation practice. Find brain entrainment tracks from Holothink® below.

All you have to do is listen through headphones and relax. The binaural beats technology will do the rest. It will bring your brainwaves to the required frequency to achieve the brain state that equates to how you want to feel. Used over time, it will train your brainwaves to these good frequencies and set up new neural habits in your brain. Brain entrainment tracks can also be combined with self-hynosis and subliminal suggestion for an even more powerful brain workout. Re-programming your brain has never been so easy. Learn more here about brain entrainment here.

Meditation Can Help With Any Problem

Meditation really can help with any problem. You see, the real aim of meditation is to change the way that you think. And, as the way you think creates your experience of the world around you, changing your mind really can change your life. When you view your problems as surmountable (or at times even fun!) challenges you take a completely different perspective from people who give up easily and get depressed and angry because the world is not quite as they would like. Meditation teaches acceptance and has proven beneficial effects on both body and mind.

Anyone can meditate. You don't need to be a monk or a spiritual practitioner. You don't need to believe in God or the afterlife. And you don't need any special equipment. YOU can meditate right now, right here. You just close your eyes and turn your attention inwards to what is going on in your mind. Find instructions on how to meditate here.

Binaural Beats - The Easiest Way to Experience the Benefits of Meditation

The easiest way to harness the benefits of meditation is to use brain entrainment/binaural beats technology. You can now use this brainwaves meditation to reprogram your brain naturally and effectively to achieve the following effects, all just by listening:

Holothink® Brain Entrainment Meditation Downloads

Who are Holothink®?

Holothink® have been developing audio products since 2004. They use brain entrainment technology to create meditation tracks which can help you solve your problems. Using the same type of technology as the famous Holosync®, Holothink® create a similar type of product but at a much more affordable price. Different tracks are available including stress relief/tranquillity, enhanced creativity, help to sleep and focus/concentration programs. According to their website, Holothink® spent the first 3 years experimenting and testing until they felt they had a superior product which was good enough to sell. And so... the release of the Totally Tranquil Program in 2007.

Holothink® claim to have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide (of which I am one) who apparently report feeling calmer, happier, sleeping better and being more able to focus and concentrate amongst other benefits. Their guiding principle is "to offer the highest quality product at the most affordable price utilizing online technology."

Listed below are some of the products offered by Holothink®. Each of these offers a free trial and your money back if you are not completely satisfied. I highly recommend that you give the free demos a trial to see whether these products might help you.

Deep Meditation Download - Meditate like a Zen Monk for Restoration of Body and Mind

Holothink® Deep Zen Meditation

You don't need to be a monk to meditate, but now you can certainly meditate like a monk with this Deep Zen meditation download from Holothink. Experience the benefits that deep meditation can bring as this track takes your brainwave levels down to their lowest waking frequency - Theta. This level equates to the deepest relaxation and meditation.

Soothe away your worries and cares by listening to this program. Improve your problem solving abilities by gaining access to your subconscious mind - the storehouse of all answers. Relieve stresses and strain as well as restoring body and mind to optimum levels of functioning. Benefits of using this binaural meditation program regularly include stress relief, relaxation, enhanced creativity, improved memory and concentration, better health, and increased sense of well-being. You may also experience a sense of euphoria or bliss.

Click here for more information about Holothink® Deep Zen Meditation.

Meditation Download - Meditation to Relieve Stress

Holothink® Totally Tranquil Program

If you are suffering from stress then you are not alone. Stress seems to be prevalent in our society today and it is essential that we learn how to manage it. Stress is caused by our thoughts and perceptions that we are not able to handle what life asks of us and is synonymous with anxiety, anger, worry, and fear. If left unchecked, stress can lead to a variety of symptoms of ill-health, some of which can be serious.

In order to manage stress, you need to become aware of what triggers the stress reactions in you and learn to deal with these. One way to deal with stress is to learn meditation to calm and control your mind. Holothink have produced a Stress Relief Program specifically designed to calm symptoms of stress simply by listening. This binaural meditation download relaxes your mind by inducing an alpha brainwaves state which helps you to feel more focussed and mentally refreshed.

Totally Tranquil is specifically formatted to induce tranquillity and peace, as well as a sense of harmony and well-being. When you listen to this track through stereo headphones, you should feel much more relaxed but still awake and alert. If you are looking for a meditation to relieve stress, then Totally Tranquil could be the one for you. Check out the free demo so that you can try before you buy. Enjoy your newfound tranquillity at your leisure.

Click here for more information about Holothink® Totally Tranquil.

Brain Entrainment for Super Sharp Concentration

Holothink® Laser Focus Program

Want to get done more than you thought was possible? Once again Holothink can help. Their Laser Focus brain entrainment program improves your concentration and helps you to tune out distractions so that you can get more done in less time. Regular meditation de-clutters your mind so that you can rise above the constant mental chatter and avail yourself of solutions provided by your subconscious mind. A clearer mind means that you can focus on the important tasks whilst feeling more peaceful and calm. For sharper focus and concentration why not try the free demo of this binaural beats download.

Click her for more information about Holothink® Laser Focus Program.

Holothink Laser Focus Banner

Brainwaves Meditation - Fight Restlessness and Insomnia and Get a Great Night's Sleep

Holothink® Digital Sandman Program

When you don't sleep well, you often find a dark cloud hanging over the rest of your day. Grumpiness and bad temper can lead to the day getting worse before it gets better. With Holothink's Digital Sandman program, you can sleep better than ever before. You wake feeling alert and refreshed and ready to handle whatever life throws at you.

So, forget those sleeping pills. If you want to induce a sleepy, dreamy feeling that will help you to drift into a deep sleep, try Holothink's Digital Sandman brain waves meditation. Improve your sleep patterns, boost your energy levels and start to feel good. Check out the free demo version and start to sleep like a baby.

Click here for more information about Holothink® Digital Sandman Program.

Advanced Meditation Audio

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