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Understanding the Law of Attraction

Here, I Summarise What it Has Taken Me Many Years to Learn

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I have spent many years studying life and it would not be possible to study life without bumping up against the powerful Law of Attraction. I am completely convinced that this law is the basis of our life experiences and when you understand the law you can start to create the life that you want to live. This is backed up by many teachers among some of whom I list at the end of this article and thank them for their contribution to my learning.

Why Are We Here?

For reasons that we may never understand at this level, the universe of form has come into existence. Consciousness wishes to experience itself through form. It is the nature of life to expand and evolve and the universe is growing and evolving through our individual experiences. We are here to contribute to this expansion by creating wonderful, joyous life experience

What Goes Wrong?

The awareness and teachings about this law have been lost and suppressed over the ages. Most people are unaware of their connection to the divine, to the one universal presence. Instead we are brought up with teachings of lack and limitation. Our early experiences teach us how to feel about life and about ourselves. We end up with false beliefs and we learn to act and react from unconscious conditioned behaviours. These are methods of protection that we learn in childhood but then no longer serve us as adults. They have been built up over many years and this may include previous lifetimes or reincarnations.

How Do We Create?

By thinking. Thought is at the basis of all creation. There is a creative formless substance (God? Spirit? the quantum field?) that resides in and interpenetrates the spaces in the universe, that is impressed by our thoughts and through this manifests our experiences and desires. We get what we think about, consciously or otherwise, and whether we are thinking about it because we want it or thinking about it because we don't want it. We may not even be conscious of our thoughts because they may be deeply conditioned into the subconscious as mentioned in the paragraph above.

Why We Have it all Back to Front

Thought comes first, no matter how much the opposite may appear to be true. The universe of form is simply an effect of our beliefs up to now. To change our life or health or wealth, we need to change the cause which is our thoughts. Most people's lives do not change because they look at the effect and keep on thinking the same thoughts about it. It is difficult for us to believe in something that has not manifested in our lives but unless we can do this, we will carry on having the same experiences.

We only want anything because we believe that the having of it will make us feel better. This is so important. If we stop focusing on the lack of what we want and start focusing on feeling better (without the stuff, the money etc), the things that we want will start flooding into our lives. This is because our higher-self/god-self/spirit already became the things that we want when we put out the original desire. Now we just need to come into vibrational alignment with that, to allow it.

How to Start Feeling Good

We feel better by being grateful for the things that are working in our lives. Here are a couple of examples from Abraham Hicks for when you absolutely can't think of anything in your own life - the sun comes up every morning and it's not even on your To Do list; the fact that you breathed all night without a ventilator. Also we stop talking about the things in our lives that we do not like. Gratitude always attracts more of what we want and brings us into vibrational harmony with the magnificent, benevolent universal power (higher self, universal consciousness etc). If we can do these things consistently our life cannot help but change for the better.

Believe and Receive

All too often when we think we are focusing on what we want, we are thinking about the lack of it instead of the thing itself. Thinking about lack can only create more lack. To create a positive life experience we need to focus on the positives. Believing in this magical power of the universe to assist you in creating the experiences that you want is important. Notice how the things that you believe you can have come so easily. Also gratitude for what you already have is absolutely essential. Yes it can take time to win over your thoughts and beliefs so that the positive overtakes the negative. But doesn't it sound well worth it? I think so. It's taken me a while to really get this but things are starting to move for me now. I can feel it. I hope this helps you.

Thanks to my teachers:

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