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Law Of Attraction - Manifesting your Desires

Bringing the Stuff of Dreams into Reality

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Do You Believe?

Do you believe that you can manifest the stuff of your dreams? Well you probably have no problem with the smaller things but it can be hard to believe that it's possible when you want something that feels a little more out of your reach. However, it is just as easy for the universe to give you whatever you want - big or small - you just need to learn to believe and to allow it. This article will give you some tips for asking for what you want so that it shows itself in your life experience.

You Get What You Give Your Attention to

Manifestation of form comes from what you give your attention to. Your dominating thoughts result in your beliefs and your dominating beliefs result in the manifestation of your desires or otherwise. That's why it's easy to get the things you believe that you can have. So why does it seem much harder to get the bigger things?

Are You Giving Your Attention to Lack or to Gratitude?

Well, often when we think we are giving our attention to our desires we are, in fact, giving our attention to the lack of them. For example, if your current experience of money is that there is not enough of it, you may be worrying about how you are going to pay the bill that just landed on your doorstep this morning. It's difficult to get excited about the money that is on its way when your experience of this present moment is "not enough".

But it's important to get past this, for as long as you give your attention to lack of money, you cannot manifest the abundance that you desire. You cannot manifest what you do not have, vibrationally, already. You need to find a way to distract your thoughts away from "what is" and see the abundance that is already in your life. Immerse yourself in gratitude for what you do have and stop bemoaning what hasn't yet come into your experience.

Create with Delicious Anticipation

The process of creation involves the wonderful anticipation of already having. That's why so many gurus on this subject suggest visualisations and affirmations about what you want. Convince your imagination that it is already yours and it is sure to manifest in your experience. When you believe that you can have it, the manifestation becomes easy.

The Power of Your Thoughts and Emotions

So look at your thoughts and beliefs around anything that you want in life. Do you believe that you can have it? If not, you can change your beliefs over time. Here's how to tell if your thoughts and emotions are supporting the manifestation of your desires or sabotaging them.

If you are wanting from a point of looking forward to getting, of fabulous anticipation, of feeling, seeing and smelling the object of your desire as if it is here already, then you are giving your attention to those objects and you feel good. But if your wanting feels negative, if you are bemoaning your lack of having, if you can't feel good about the fact that the object has not yet manifested in your life, then you are coming from a place of wanting. And when you put your attention on wanting something, you will simply get more of wanting that thing.

Change Your Mind to Create Your Own Wondrous Reality

So, whenever you are feeling negative, change your mind. Take your attention away from the negatives by focussing elsewhere. See yourself as a fabulous creator of your own wondrous experience. Be thankful for what you have already and know that more is on the way. Do those visualisations, and those affirmations. Put your attention on how good it feels to have what you want. Your subconscious mind does not understand the difference between actually having it now and the feelings of having it now. And when it is reality in your subconscious, then it is only a matter of time before it becomes reality in your life. That is the manifestation of your desires.

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