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Loving Yourself Squarely in the Eye

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Do You Love Yourself?

Do you love yourself? Many of us don't. We often have a level of antipathy towards ourselves ranging from mild dislike to absolute hatred and this manifests in so many different ways. From ailments in the body to allowing others to treat us badly, not loving yourself can be the cause of all sorts of problems in life.

Why You Must Love Yourself

Loving yourself is the foundation to inner peace and happiness. When you love yourself, you will treat yourself well - in body and mind - and you will not tolerate the bad behaviour of others. You will feel deserving of the good in your life and more able to accept the situations that are less than perfect.

How to Love Yourself

So how do we begin to love ourselves so that we can turn the situation around and get the best out of life? Well, according to Louise Hay of Hay House Publishing fame, the best way is to look in the mirror and tell yourself "I love you!". A very wise woman, Louise advocates that we stop putting ourselves down and start to treat ourselves with the loving kindness that we all deserve.

If we do this on a regular basis, we will start to notice many positive changes in our lives. We can find our whole life changing and our bodily ailments may even start to clear up on their own. We will feel more relaxed, more loving and enjoy better relationships with others. And we may well even begin to look younger!

For many people, the thought of doing this work will be uncomfortable and they may even feel absolutely unable to do so. But this just means that you need to do it even more. Wouldn't it be worth a try?

So, with the benefits in mind, go to your mirror now, look yourself squarely in the eye and say to yourself "...(Insert your name here), I love you. I really love you. I approve of you. I accept you just the way you are."

Do this practice regularly, at least once in the morning and once in the evening. And before you know it, you will start to mean it. When you can feel your love for yourself, you will start to see your life change in so many positive ways. You CAN live a happier, healthier life... simply by loving yourself. It just doesn't make sense not to.

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