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Happiness is a State of Mind - Don't Believe Me? Read This...

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Happiness really is a state of mind. How can I prove this? Well you only have to look at your own experiences to find plenty of evidence to support this statement. When your state of mind is good, you are easily happy. When it isn't, it's very hard to enjoy anything. In a bad frame of mind nothing makes us happy.

Good Mood, Bad Mood

Think back to the last time that you were angry with someone. Your mind was probably consumed with anger to the point where you couldn't let it go. Everything you said and did was tainted by this feeling of anger. Until you got over the feeling, it was impossible to enjoy anything.

On the other hand when you are ecstatically happy, it is much harder to bring you down. Someone pulls out in front of you in the car and you forgive and carry on. In your angry mood, it could easily become a case of road rage. How you react depends upon how you feel when an incident occurs.

Self vs. Others

When someone is rude to you on a good day, you look at them and feel compassion. They must be having a bad day you think. How can I help them feel better? When someone is rude on a bad day, you take it personally and feel upset. You feel hurt. The difference is that you are thinking about someone else in the first instance and you in the second instance. We are so used to putting our own happiness first that it is instinctive but actually putting other people first will create more happiness for us. It is that focus on ourselves that causes most of our worry and problems.

Peace and Acceptance

If we want to be happy then we need to work on our minds. When we spend time being peaceful, we familiarise our minds with peace and this becomes a new habit. We are therefore better able to remain peaceful and accepting when things aren't as we would like. We must learn to accept others for what they are and what they want out of life. When we realise that they have their own lives to fulfil and trust that their experiences will be for the best in their growth and learning, we can let go and relax. When we let go and relax, we feel peace and acceptance. And when these happy states of mind become the norm for us, then we know that our lives have become happy by habit. And then we will realise that happiness is very definitely a state of mind.

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