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Happiness - How to be Happy

Help to Find Your Inner Joy and Happiness

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How Happy Are You?

How happy are you generally? How many people are truly happy for most of the time? It seems to me that many of us are regularly unhappy in this life, although it may seem that everyone else is OK. Many of us present a happy face on the surface, whilst hiding feelings of tension, discontent and anger.

Happiness Definition - What Is It?

So what does it take to be happy? Happiness is a state of mind and is a habit of mind. It is a choice that we make, albeit subconscious, to see the positives in life and keep our mind peaceful, whatever is happening in our world. Often our childhood has a profound influence on how happy we are and how we deal with the problems that present themselves in life. If our parents or carers were happy and dealt well with their problems then we have probably learned to do the same. If we felt loved and cared for and our needs were met, then we have a significant advantage in our start in life.

Susan Jeffers quotes the example of "Pollyanna" - the girl in the story whose father taught her to look for something to be glad about in every situation. Later as an orphan being brought up by her stern Aunt, she was able to be happy even under difficult circumstances.

However, many of us did not have this kind of start in life. We may not even know why we feel unhappy at times. We may have much to be grateful for and yet still find it difficult to appreciate the good in our lives. In this day and age, so much is expected of us. There are so many opportunities and so much can be achieved. But all this comes at a cost and can make life very stressful.

Where to Find Happiness

Part of the problem is that we look for happiness in the wrong places - we think that when we get that job or that car, or go on holiday, or meet the right partner, or win the lottery then we will be happy. But it is not so. The material world does not make us happy - at least not in the long run. However much we have, we always want more.

How to be Happy

Only peace of mind will make you happy and this comes from positive thinking, acceptance of life, a loving attitude, and good habits of mind. Well, bad habits can be changed, including bad habits of mind. With the use of affirmations, meditation, therapies, relaxation, positive thinking and other techniques, you can learn to find the silver lining in every cloud. Happiness is an art and inner joy is your natural state. It is my wish that this site helps you to find it.

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