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Beating Anger with the Power of Mind

Find Relief from Anger - The Most Deadly and Destructive of Emotions

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When Anger Hurts! - Beating Anger and Controlling Rage

Make no mistake - anger hurts! Anger is possibly the most destructive emotion that exists and one of the biggest causes of pain and misery both for the sufferer and everyone around them. Beating anger permanently is about more than just controlling rage and suppressing or repressing pent-up feelings and emotions. To gain relief from anger, it helps to know exactly what anger is. Where does it come from and why does it get such a firm hold over us? Only when we understand the nature of anger, and its causes and problems will we be able to start to take responsibility for our emotions and reverse the lack of control that we feel around them.

Anger Relief - What is Anger?

Anger is a state of mind - your state of mind! Whilst we like to blame other people and circumstances for making us angry, anger is non-other than a bad reaction in our own mind to something that we do not like, wish or want or that we think should not happen.

Anger is an agitated state of mind that happens when we decide that we have been wronged or we didn't get our own way. We focus on all the bad qualities of the person or situation that we think is making us angry to the exclusion of any positive qualities. Logic and rationality go completely out of the window as we wind ourself up into a frenzy of wishing to harm those that we see as responsible. A revenge attack may be physical, verbal or in our own mind - when we are angry we are generally unable to control our reactions to the situation. We lash out in a selfish rage putting our own needs completely before those of others. How many times do we regret the way that we reacted in a fit of anger, after we have calmed down and seen that perhaps we weren't so justified after all?

Anger is a delusion - a negative, destructive, uncontrolled state of mind. It is impossible to see things clearly under the influence of anger. According to Buddhist tradition, anger is never justified. Buddhists try to separate the internal reaction from the external problem. The goal is to deal with any problem without getting angry about it. And even if there is nothing that you can do to solve the problem, what is the point in getting angry? This is also backed up in the spiritual book "A Course in Miracles" where we are constantly warned to be on our guard against the constant attacks by our minds on others.

In our society we are programmed to become easily angry and it is thought of as a good thing. We think that getting angry is the way that things get changed. However, anger is possibly the most destructive of all emotions. It is not anger that leads to solving a problem. Anger leads only to harm and can be fatal. War is caused by the anger of one set of people against another and this has led to so many millions of deaths. Many people have been killed by those acting uncontrollably under the influence of anger. And even where we do not lash out physically at others we put our own bodies at risk by flooding them with overdoses of hormones which are released into the body during angry states and may cause all sorts of damage from heart disease to stress, stroke and cancer.

Anger robs us of our peace of mind. It makes us ugly and out of control. If we are habitually angry, people will not like us and will generally try to avoid us. It is impossible to be happy and angry at the same time. Anger destroys relationships and it destroys lives. Even the things that normally make us feel happy are not enjoyable when our mind is angry.

So many people exhibit so much anger in today's society; however we are often not aware of the extent of our own anger problem. It is such a "normal" reaction. Often it is only when we start to realise how out of control we are that we feel the need to do something about our bad anger habit.

The good news is that whilst many of us experience anger on an all too regular basis, we are not intrinsically angry people. Anger is something that happens in our minds whilst the underlying nature of our minds is purity and clarity. Just as it is possible to develop bad habits of mind, it is also possible to exchange these for good habits with practice and effort and the power of the mind. You can change your mind and eliminate the delusions of anger.

If you are worried that your anger is making you unhappy or raging out of control, you can find the peace within that prevents bad reactions to events outside your control by taking control of your mind. This is the only way to experience true happiness and freedom.

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